Pacifico | tSB Intern

Kai Pacifico Crisostomo Eng was born in Seattle, Washington and raised in a quiet neighborhood in a yellow house. At a young age he moved to Bellevue, Washington where he started school and developed a passion for equality and social justice as well as an interest in non-profit work, Pacifico began to move out of his comfort zone and branched out to different organizations hoping to improve his community.

As a freshman in high school, Pacifico was introduced to the wonderful tSB family, and quickly grew to love the people and sense of belonging he had discovered. Now a sophomore in high school and a peer leader for the 2014-15 Winter Program, Pacifico takes a seat in the tSB office as an intern. When he isn’t burying himself in work, Pacifico can be found practicing archery, backpacking, or walking his dog. Rarely, he can be observed in his natural habitat lipsyncing Eye of the Tiger.