Our Mission

the Service Board (tSB) mentors teens to conquer personal and cultural challenges through outdoor adventure, environmental and social justice education, and public service.

Our Vision

As a youth-led organization, our vision is for every young adult to see themselves as capable of fostering a more equitable future.

We strive for every young adult that comes through our program to be emboldened by the authentic connections they develop with others, to engage their communities as advocates for social justice, to become good environmental stewards and to take action to create the kind of change they want to see.

What We Do

tSB builds community around strengthening youth capacity and amplifying youth voice by providing opportunities for leadership and personal development. We provide a safe and supportive space where high school young adults from marginalized communities across King County voices are heard and valued.

Our year-around programming facilitates access for youth to traditionally inaccessible outdoor activities to increase diversity in the outdoors and build confidence in youth. In combination with community service projects, social justice education and adult mentoring, tSB creates courageous communities of young change-makers, athletes, and future environmental advocates.

Our focus on snowboarding teaches tenacity and determination in the face of challenges and is a healthy way for youth to push the horizons of their own abilities and boundaries, which explains our motto: “push your growing edge”.



Core Values

MENTORING | We respond to challenges and create direction with every stakeholder in our community. We embrace community as collective and creative force to cheer on our youth as they discover their voice. Our relationships are built on trust, loyalty and reciprocity.

SOCIAL JUSTICE | We integrate social justice theory and practice throughout every part of our organization. Together, we examine our cultural intersections and explore the ways in which systems of oppression affect our community. We are forever committed to being an equitable, inclusive and diverse organization.

OUTDOOR ADVENTURE | We encourage our entire organization to “push their growing edge.” From snowboarding to surfing and all the other outdoor activities in between; we connect with the environment to have fun, take healthy risks, learn from our mistakes and build community.

SERVICE | Through service learning projects, our youth discover their own potential as agents of change and experience personal growth. Together, we plan and perform 3,800 service hours annually.


In 1994, a young snowboarder named Jay Bateman was killed in a tragic, drug-related murder. Community members saw this event as a call to action: no longer could we sit by while youth grew up absorbing messages of consumption and competition. They decided to create a program where young people could come together to laugh, dream, think, and explore the true meaning of community: the Service Board (tSB) was born.

In January of 1995, thanks to the leadership of our founders Thomas Goldstein, John Logic and Thomas Caldwell III; tSB opened its doors to high school students from across Seattle. Since then, we have continued to adapt to the needs of our Greater Seattle community while maintaining our values to providing the best programs possible.