Meet Our 2018 Program Team!

By November 21, 2018Uncategorized

What’s up tSB Community?! Cole Story, tSB Program Manager, here to recap the year, and introduce our new Program Team! What a year it’s been for tSB – new faces, some Summer fun on the coast, and a successful Soiree event, just to name a few of our big moments this year! But before we go any further, we want to give a huge shout out to Benji Anderson. Benji stepped down as Program Manager earlier this year, and we are so thankful for his leadership, commitment, individuality, and general “dopeness” that he brought to tSB, both as a mentor, and as a staff member. We can’t say enough about Benji and his impact on the community, but his ability to build community and empower youth leadership inspire our team to continue carrying the torch. Thanks to Benji, tSB is stronger than ever, and we are ready for another 23 years of youth leadership, community, and shredding the mountains!

This past year’s Core Program featured an abbreviated program, as we refocused our intentions and commitments to mentoring youth and continuing to create a tight-knit community. From building community over food, to learning, listening, and discussing topics of race, gender, sexuality, homelessness, and more, to laughing, falling, and toe-side/heel-side turns on the mountain, tSB’s core values remain the same. As we look to the future, we’re so excited to continue building on our strengths, and to let the youth lead the way! Our Peer Leader group for the upcoming Core Program is full of ambitious, active, and creative young people! Just a month and half into the Peer Leader program, and they are already forming a tight group ready to lead the way for next year’s Core Program.

Earlier this year, I was hired on as the Program and Development Coordinator, and am now the new Program Manager. Stepping on midway through this past year’s Core Program was definitely a challenge, but I was immediately met with love, community, food, and fun. My first Wednesday Program night focused on self care. We rotated through stations that included free drawing, breakdancing, poetry, and yoga, and yooooo it was so much fun! I can’t dance, draw, do yoga, and I don’t consider myself to be a poet, but doing those activities with a new group, and with people trying new activities was, in my opinion, quintessential tSB. If I wasn’t hooked then, I was definitely hooked after the first retreat, and snowboarding for the first time with the group only cemented that. I’m so appreciative to have just jumped into this community, and to be so warmly accepted!

Speaking of new hires, a huge shout out to our newest members of the Program Team, Roedah Mansour and Eugene Oh! Roedah joined the team in September, and is our new Program Coordinator. Roedah has seamlessly jumped in, focusing her attention on working with the Peer Leaders and incoming mentors. A dynamic youth advocate, Roedah brings her creativity as a filmmaker, and her jovial and warm personality to the squad! We’re so stoked to have another powerful, woman of color on our team! Eugene stepped on as our Program Intern in October to complete his Social Work practicum. Eugene is completing his undergraduate coursework in both, Social Work and Computer Science, at the University of Washington. Since he’s stepped on, Eugene has been a welcomed addition to the team, bringing his positive energy, connecting with the Peer Leaders, and focusing on prophet and mentor recruitment.

As we get ready for next year’s Core Program, we can’t help but feel confident and excited! Look out for this new group of Peer Leaders and the new Program Team to continue building on tSB’s momentum!

–Cole Story, Program Manager