Big Boss Birthday!

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Ashley, tSB’s loved and adored Executive Director, had her birthday last week! She goes above and beyond what is required in her job, and is a loved sister, daughter, cousin, grandkid, great-great-great-grandkid, friend, tSB bossdog, etc. Words can’t possibly capture the love we feel for this awesome human being.  We wanna keep the party going and shower her with the love and gratitude she deserves! Thanks for all that you do and for being an amazing superduper individual.


I’m thankful for Ashley because she ALWAYS follows through. She’s strong and caring and even though there are things mess with her, she powers through it. -Mickey, Prophet ’11

I love how positive Ashley is! -Anika, Prophet ’13

You’re a red-headed Jesus. -Khaill, Program Coordinator

You can send Ashley a happy note too at