Arts in Service Summer Program

By June 3, 2010Announcements


…is the Service Board’s summer program. It runs on Thursdays and Saturdays from  July 1st through August 7th. With the exception of the first Thursday, we meet from 11am-4pm each day. The program mixes art projects, community service, and physical activities like kayaking. Last year, we did mosaic making, graffiti art and muraling, skateboarding, screen printing, and more. The program is open to all high school students, including both tSB alum and youth that haven’t done tSB. We accept applications on a first come, first serve basis, so if you’re interested in being in the program, turn in your application as soon as possible. You can receive 30+ hours of community service for being a part of the project.

Questions? Contact the Service Board at 206.324.7771 or email us at

Want to apply? tSB Summer Program Application 2010 (download it now!)

2009's sweet mural