Apply to tSB!

By September 18, 2008Site Static Content

It’s that time of the year! We are now officially accepting applications for mentors and prophets alike. Can’t commit to being a mentor but still want to help? Fill out the volunteer application and send it our way: info[at]

The Service Board operates by scouting Seattle and the rest of the world for the best mentors and prophets. What does that mean? Everyone is encouraged to apply! In the past, we have had community leaders, local politicians, music producers, designers and photographers and former olympiads grace The Service Board with their presence. With diverse backgrounds and life experiences, our mentors and prophets bring more diversity and ‘exotic ingredients’ to add to the tSB stew.

Are you over the age of 21? Live in Seattle? Can you tell funny jokes? You qualify to be an adult mentor! Download the Mentor Application
Are you a high school student? Live in Seattle? Have a contagious laugh? You qualify to be a tSB prophet! Download the Prophet Application