Core Principles:

tSB believes fun, discovery and adventure are valuable and productive teaching tools.
tSB seeks to harness and encourage the individual talents, strengths and abilities of all those involved with tSB – youth, mentors, staff and parents.
tSB wants all participants to find their own distinctive voice and actively develops opportunities for speaking up — and listening.
tSB reveres and nurtures the gifts of others and values treating all people with respect, dignity and compassion regardless of station or adversity in their lives.
Breaking bread together and eating well are fundamental to tSB, and to a lifetime of health.
tSB fervently believes in and supports the ability of youth to tackle challenging situations, to solve problems and to create a strong community built on social justice.
History: Why tSB is what it is today

In 1994, a young snowboarder named Jay Bateman was killed in a tragic, drug-related murder. Community members saw this tragic event as a call to action: no longer could we sit by while kids grew up absorbing only the messages of consumption and competition. A group of local activists decided to create a program where young people could come together to laugh, dream, think, and explore the true meaning of community: The Service Board was born. Hard work paid off, and in January of 1995 we opened our doors to high-school students from across Seattle. Since our inaugural class, the number of teenage participants, adult mentors and small business sponsors has grown each year. In fact, growing demand for tSB from students, parents, and schools led us to launch a pilot program based in the neighborhood of White Center in January 2005, serving an area that is among the most culturally diverse in the region, with one of the highest per capita populations of young people.


The Service Board provides Seattle area high school-age youth with life-changing experiences that build self-knowledge, skills, courage, and determination. TSB models the power of a supportive intergenerational culture and serves youth in need of its caring community.


The Service Board instills in high school-age youth a deep sense of life purpose based on an ethic of public service and a conviction in their abilities to shape the future.